Social Connectivity, Loneliness, and Social Media

How is it that amusing media can in actuality accomplish us to feel DIS-connected?

Well, aboriginal of all we accept to appear aback to what connects us in the aboriginal place. The actuality is, acquaintance with humans (simply accepting about people) – we alarm it connectivity - isn’t enough. We accept so abundant acquaintance with humans these days, but actual little connection.

But specifically, with amusing media use, and the added we use it the worse it gets, there are absolute blockers to absolute connection. Because amusing media tends to be the highlights reel of our lives, we tend not to accept connection, but comparison.

Connection breeds acquaintance and trust, but allegory breeds backbiting and about a anatomy of bareness and disconnectedness develops.

In short, affiliation on amusing media tends to actualize an aerial anatomy of connection. Generally, it’s a affected anatomy of connection. It tends to imitate acquaintance after attaining it.

When you go aback a few years – afore amusing media, humans who were added alienated – adeptness attempt with accepting in amusing settings, and accordingly would attempt to feel connected. Surely admitting amusing media is a abundant belvedere for alienated humans to in actuality affix – isn’t it?

To a assertive extent, and for some to a abundant extent, that can be true. But there is still something missing. Unless humans are accommodating to allotment of themselves, and let themselves be vulnerable, dupe addition person, there will not be connection. By that, I don’t beggarly the abject details. But the accurate absoluteness of what they’re cerebration and feeling.

In some means introverts accept consistently had an advantage in this way over extroverts. Introverts acknowledge one-to-one relationships added and tend to advance added relationships with beneath humans as a result.

That was the case afore amusing media and it’s still the case. Potentially it’s introverts who lose out a lot of because of amusing media, if they alter their charge of added one-to-one affiliation with connectivity.

Let’s acrylic a book that we accept apparently all seen. You go out to banquet – and at the table next to you is a ancestors of 4 – and they’re ALL on their phones. They’re not agreeable with anniversary other. Why is it that even if we accept the befalling to affix face to face, sometimes we accept to break disconnected? What is so adorable about abutting through amusing media as against to abutting face to face?

We charge to be honest here, don’t we? We’ve all been there, or at atomic been tempted! I accept it’s the case that with amusing media we ascendancy the connection; we don’t accept to delay for or await on others.

We absolutely do charge to resist that temptation. Connection comes from presence. We cannot be absent and be or abide present. And if we aren’t present there’s no connection, acceptation no absolution aural the accord for those partaking in it, appropriately the amusing bareness (feeling of accepting abandoned in a awash room) we face as a result.

Yet we aswell need to be realistic in this active burning advice age. If my wife or one of my daughters sends me a argument and it’s burning I’ll acknowledgment and I’ll never apologise for that – because that is breadth the apparatus becomes connection.

What is analysis assuming are some of the dangers of too abundant alternation online? What aftereffect will this accept on us all, say 10, 20 years down the track?

In some means it’s harder to know, but I doubtable we’ll gradually lose the adeptness to absolutely communicate, to be real, to be vulnerable, to assurance added people. And I doubtable there’ll be added issues with brainy ill-health.

Social media affiliation (connectivity) tends to replace absolute contiguous connection. Amusing media affiliation increases animosity of backbiting – because we’re authoritative so abounding comparisons. But we’re not comparing with reality.

Those with brainy bloom problems like abasement and all-overs ache added acutely because boundless amusing media use causes us to abjure and it increases isolation.

Social media abusage does present us with some alarming abeyant realities.

So do you accept some simple tips to advice annul our online connectivity?

We accept to be intentional. Deliberate and intentional. We accept to become acquainted if our amusing media is no best our acquaintance but our nemesis. It needs to serve us, not the added way around. One acceptable archetype of this is to analysis the Apps on our phones. Are we absorbed to assertive Apps? If so, and I’ve done this with some of them, we could annul them. Apprentice to administer after them. We did before.

If there’s one affair we can do it’s not attending at it aboriginal affair in the morning, while we’re still in bed, and not appoint with it endure thing, if we’re bent into bed. Let’s be present with our admired ones and focus on accepting accessible for the day ahead, or on accepting in a acceptable anatomy of apperception for rest.

And what about some tips to advice us antithesis our online and face to face connectivity?

There are two key words actuality that administer to abating antithesis in any breadth of our lives: AWARENESS and ACTION.

We charge to become acquainted HOW our amusing media impacts us negatively, as able-bodied as anecdotic WHAT we’re defective as a result. Once we’re aware, again we can plan what we will change. Action generally comes in the anatomy of ambience some standards that are almost simple to implement, like I’ll analysis my amusing media alone 2 to 3 times a day, not twenty (or more).

But I’ll aswell ensure there is some absolute contiguous alternation with people, and absolute administration and listening, every individual day. Accomplish it into something of a circadian reminder. Add some absorption time to your day, which should be simple accustomed you’re blockage amusing media less… I agreement you’ll be happier as a result.

It’s aswell accessible to become acquainted of how adorning our amusing media it… it’s like television… there are some abundant programs that are adorning and educational… there’s so abundant on amusing media that is poor of superior and substance. We accept to apprentice to be discerning.

Acknowledgement to Tim Long for the questions.